2018 AAM Career and Compensation Survey


2018 AAM Career and Compensation Survey

AAM has partnered with the Capstone Marketing and CPA Trendlines to conduct our study of compensation trends for accounting marketers. Participating firms were asked to submit compensation data for the marketing team (inclusive of business development team members). This compensation data was combined with marketing department and marketer-specific data provided by individual marketing professionals to ensure accurate, unbiased compensation data.

Want to learn more?

There are two options available which will provide you with more details on compensation trends for marketers in accounting firms:

Executive Summary

Anyone can download a FREE copy of the executive summary that shares some top-level highlights.


Full Report

Anyone can purchase a copy of the full report. This study cost is $150 for AAM members and $300 for non-members. This is the industry’s most comprehensive report of accounting marketing compensation trends and benchmarks. The study gives insight into how your compensation stacks up against your peers, along with what accounting marketing departments are doing to stay competitive and attract top talent.

All firms that participated in the study received a copy of the full report at no cost. If you want to participate in our next study, please email info@accountingmarketing.org.

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