The AAM Research & Publications Committee provides leadership and volunteerism to manage the production of AAM surveys throughout the year. Each of our surveys is available to members and non-members, offering keen insight and market data to support growth, business development and marketing initiatives.



2019 Marketing Budget
Benchmark Study

Once again, the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) partnered with the Hinge Research Institute to conduct the bi-annual Marketing Budget Benchmark Study. The purpose of this study was to provide marketing professionals, firm leaders and business developers with the insights needed to determine whether their efforts are effective – especially when compared to the marketing efforts of firms that may be similar in size or with regard to a chosen marketplace.


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2018 AAM Career and
Compensation Survey

AAM has partnered with the Capstone Marketing and CPA Trendlines to conduct our study of compensation trends for accounting marketers. Participating firms were asked to submit compensation data for the marketing team (inclusive of business development team members). This compensation data was combined with marketing department and marketer-specific data provided by individual marketing professionals to ensure accurate, unbiased compensation data.




2017 Marketing Budget
Benchmark Study

AAM and Hinge have partnered again to bring you the third edition of the Accounting Marketing Budget Benchmark Study. This definitive report provides a wealth of information that’s available nowhere else. Learn how much firms across the nation spend on marketing, how they allocate their budgets and how marketing priorities are changing. This study is an essential resource for any accounting firm principal or marketer.


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2016 Compensation Trends
for Accounting Marketers

During August and September 2015, the Association for Accounting Marketing and Inavero conducted a benchmarking study of compensation trends for accounting marketers. This report collects the study’s findings.

This is the industry’s most comprehensive report of accounting marketing compensation trends and benchmarks. The study gives insight into how your compensation stacks up against your peers, along with what accounting marketing departments are doing to stay competitive and attract top talent.


Marketing and Sales Roles in Accounting

As accounting firm leadership expands to include dedicated marketing and sales professionals to supplement the partners and managers in generating new clients and engagements, the question arises, “What marketing and sales roles do we need and when?” This document is intended to answer this question and provide guidance regarding the various marketing and sales roles a firm may have, how these roles may be measured and the timing you may consider when adding these positions in your firm to achieve your business development goals. Compensation considerations will not be included in this document as the Association for Accounting Marketing plans to conduct a survey in the next year to gauge marketing and sales compensation trends among members.