AAM Minute Monthly Poll

We are asking our readers to contribute to our topic conversation and share a little about what they do in their firms.

In April, we asked some questions about how you’re handling the COVID-19 crisis in your firm. Here’s how you answered:

Q1: Are you involved in creating a strategy for external communication regarding COVID-19 and the changes related to it?





Somewhat. My partners include me, but I’m not leading the charge.



  • I’m part of an association, and we’ve been disseminating member communication.
  • Yes as it relates to our digital campaigns.



Q2: Are you involved in internal communications related to COVID-19?





My partners include me, but I’m not leading the charge.



  • Whatever our national marketing brand and communications teams decide we relay to local offices.



Q3: Did your firm create a COVID-19 resource page for clients?






Q4: What other projects are you working on to continue your marketing efforts during this time?

It’s pretty much all COVID all the time right now.

Lots of e-alerts, web articles, and webinars.

Knowledge sharing.

Putting together packages of services to help businesses recover.

Website changes/updates.

Developing and launching more digital resources including podcasts, videos, online courses, and worksheets to help clients during partial or full office shutdowns.

Surveys, proposals, social media, new website for our IT business.

Video, checklists, resources, and emails.

Dedicating quarterly newsletters to COVID-19 related resources – creating “special editions” for individuals, businesses and nonprofits. Working on a new client onboarding program.

Posting on social media, sending client letters/newsletters, and hosting webinars – all on tax and things they need to know.

Creating a marketing/BD boot camp upon a return to normal.

Internal resources for our members, including other firms’ resource centers, global insights, and communication guides.

Projects that have been placed on hold we are now working on as a team (i.e. KPI Executive Reporting template, dashboard to drill down on e-mail metrics, etc.)

Poll results indicate that as expected, marketers are heavily involved in communications and projects in response to the COVID-19 crisis. For the majority of us, the changing regulations and announcement of new initiatives have led to an increase in the amount of content we are pushing out externally. In addition, some of us have taken on a big role when it comes to sharing information within our firms, as well.  Regardless of what you’re doing at your firm, we are all in this together! This is uncharted territory for all of us, and the AAM community is here to support you.

This month we ask that you please take a minute for the AAM Minute and answer this month’s poll questions about how you handle change and encourage accountability in your firm.