Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines 

Thank you for your interest in submitting an article to Growth Strategies. Remember that you are writing for a journal and that there are certain stylistic requirements to which you must adhere. Articles should be original. Except in certain circumstances (at the discretion of the editor), our policy is not to publish articles that have been previously published elsewhere.


Deadlines are firm. Articles are due to the Issue Editor approximately two months before the cover date of the issue in which they are scheduled to appear. The Issue Editor will provide you with a specific deadline date for your article submission. Please adhere to this deadline so that we may keep our production schedule on track.


Unless otherwise indicated by the Issue Editor, feature articles and case studies should be approximately 1,000-1,500 words in length. Departments (Take a Stand, The Change Agent, Growing Rainmakers, On Your Mind, Perspectives, Book Review, etc.) should be 500-850 words. The Issue Editor will give you specific article length guidelines.

Article Preparation and Submission

Document Guidelines
  1. The article should not exceed the length guidelines, unless the Issue Editor grants permission.
  2. The article should include a headline and, if appropriate, subheads.
  3. Sidebars and graphic elements are appreciated. Examples of graphic elements include photos, graphs and charts that illustrate your points. Please follow these graphic standards:
    • Colors: Growth Strategies uses PMS 376C (green), PMS 285C (blue), 40% gray and 70% gray.
    • File format: .tif or Illustrator EPS
    • Resolution: 300 ppi
    • Chart size: Maximum width is 7.5 inches; maximum height is 10 inches; minimum width is 3.625 inches; there is no minimum height.
    • Fonts: Myriad Pro font family
  4. Italics and bold type should be used only if the author wants the same treatment in the publication itself.
  5. Only one space after each sentence.
  6. Articles should be proofread for typographical and stylistic errors. Growth Strategies primarily uses the Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual as its primary reference guide for style and consistency. Growth Strategies also has an internal style guide; a digital copy will be provided for your reference upon request.

Headshot and Bio

A brief biographical sketch should be included at the end of the article. A professional color, head-and-shoulders photo of the author(s) may also be submitted for inclusion with the article. The photo must be scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi for best quality reprint resolution. Please email photos


  • Unless referring to an event that occurred in the past, writers should use present tense. For example, when quoting a person, the subject "says," not "said."
  • In some situations, writing in the first person may be appropriate, such as an opinion piece or an article relating personal experience. In all other cases, articles should be written in the third person.
  • Don't speak down to the reader. Keep your comments objective and not pejorative. If you're making a general statement about a group people, be sure it is based on fact.
  • The article must not be a "sales pitch." To avoid the appearance of an endorsement, do not mention specific products unless other competing products are also mentioned. Growth Strategies will not publish, for example, an article about the specific software used by a particular firm for its marketing database.
  • Keep sentences and paragraph length short (aim for 15-20 word sentences and 3-5 sentence paragraphs.)
  • Stick to the topic assigned. If you need to change your topic for any reason, discuss with your committee liaison or the Issue Editor responsible for the issue in which you are writing.
  • First references to anyone mentioned in your article must include the person's full name. Give as complete an identification of the person as possible, including job title, full name of the company or CPA firm, and the company or firm's location. Also include, in parentheses, number of offices, number of partners and number of total staff (including partners). On second reference, only the last name should be used.

Headlines and Sub-Headlines

Please include a headline for your article. Please create sub-headlines for each section of your article. Sub-headlines are used to emphasize major points within an article.


Please do not use footnotes or endnotes. Incorporate references to other works into your article using parentheses.


The editors will not make substantive changes in the copy without notifying the author. However, we reserve the right to copy edit and impose other stylistic alterations without notice to the author.

Credit and Copyright

Articles will run under the author's byline and will include a brief biographical sketch. AAM will own the copyright to the article. You must sign and enclose the Growth Strategies Right to Publish Agreementwith your article. You must include your article title in the Right to Publish Agreement. These materials must be received by the Issue Editor at least 60 days prior to the issue's cover date.