August 2019- What Do You Think?

AAM Minute Monthly Poll
Emily Taibl, Sweeney Conrad, PS

We are asking our readers to contribute to our topic conversation and share a little about what they do in their firms.

Last month, we asked about your biggest takeaways from AAM Engage. Here’s how you answered:

Q1: Why do you come to conference?

To meet new people and become refreshed with ideas

To get new ideas for next year’s marketing plan

Best therapy around. To learn and share my knowledge.

I want to hear about new ideas and the latest marketing/digital trends from experienced and smaller accounting firm marketers.

To learn about the latest in marketing, what others are doing, connect with the people attending.

To learn and network.

To learn and meet new people in the industry.

The people! And the topics are always on point.

Knowledge sharing, networking.

To network, learn new things, and to see if I’m keeping my skills up to date.

It provides momentum to get projects going through the next year, and is a great way to expand connections.

To network with other members and learn new skills and approaches to issues.

Learning and best practice sharing with colleagues.

Networking, learning.

Education and networking opportunities.

Connections and knowledge.

Learn skills and network.

Networking and education on new trends.

Connect with friends and colleagues. Gain new ideas as we pivot our growth approach.

To maintain relationships with my colleagues and to build new relationships.

Q2: What would you like to be in 2020?

I loved the cocktail hours with appetizers. A great way to mingle.

Talks geared towards smaller firms. We don’t all have 20k to host an amazing event. Just some ideas for the small guys.

Hands-on workshops on SEO, using Google Analytics or Google Ads. Dig into how to leverage AI in accounting marketing and how to build a marketing consulting practice and start taking on clients at our firms in order to bring in revenue and build a path to partner.

I liked the agenda this year, so something similar would be great but updated with anything new, of course.

Intentional networking opportunity.

More sessions about SEO.

I like when Summit is on its own, similar to Portland.

Actual marketing directors/coordinators doing presentations- telling their stories.

More workshop like sessions versus lecture sessions.

Committee activities.

More how-tos for the job. There are a lot of places to get personal growth and professional growth advice, but not a lot of places to get accounting marketing advice.

More networking, learning.

Continuation of programming that focuses on business development. More networking opportunities.

Photoshop and other CC workshops. More actual tips on how to do things vs. theory.

A swag show. What is everyone doing in terms of swag for their firms? What do students want vs. high net worth?

Updates on Google, GDPR and the after effects.

More war stories to show practical execution and implementation.

More advanced sessions.


Q3: What locations would you like to see in the future?







New York














Not Vegas


San Diego


St. Louis













East Coast


Kansas City

LA/Orange County

Middle of the country


New Jersey

New Orleans

North Carolina


San Antonio

San Francisco

Santa Fe



South Carolina


Washington DC


Looking at the responses to our survey, we see that there are many reasons AAM member make Engage a priority. One of the clear reasons is for the relationships. So many of you said that you valued the networking, making new connections and maintaining relationships with colleagues. Some even called it the best therapy around!

The survey uncovered some great suggestions for content for our next Engage. Many AAM members noted that they would like to learn more hands-on tactics for using programs to help in their marketing efforts. Workshops are highly valued, as there are immediate takeaways that can be taken back to our firms. In addition SEO and artificial intelligence remain hot topics, that are always evolving and continue to be useful.

The question on location provided a variety of great places we can host in the future- from East Coast to West Coast and everywhere in between!

I think the biggest takeaway that most can agree on, is that AAM provides wonderful opportunities for learning, and a tremendous value in making connections and learning from one another’s experiences. As Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”

This month we ask that you please take a minute for the minute and answer this month’s poll questions about how your firm is handling GDPR, CCPA and data compliance.