What Do You Think?

Jennifer Cantero, Sensiba San Filippo

We are asking our readers to contribute to our topic conversation and share a little about what they do in their firms.

Last month, we asked about what types of culture shock you’ve seen in your firm or are currently going through and here is how you answered:

Q1: What types of culture shock have you seen in your firm or are currently going through?

The M&A Wave


Millennial Shift


Value Pricing


Technology Overload


Consulting & Advisory Shift


Sales & Marketing Culture


The Triple Bottom Line


Merging of Two Cultures / Creating a Single Firm Culture


Q2: Would you consider your firm becoming a B Corporation?

Yes, we are currently in process!


Sounds interesting and I will definitely look into it?


No, not our cup of tea.


Ah, what’s a B Corporation?


The top culture shock theme rocking most of our respondents’ firms was the millennial shift. Inc. Magazine reported that by 2020, Millennials (those born between about 1980 and 2000) are forecast to comprise half of the American workforce, and by 2025, 75 percent of the global workforce. Many are now even making partner at our accounting firms and changing the tone at the top.

Much like how the Baby Boomers are reshaping retirement, the even bigger Millennial generation is causing organizations to rethink how work is accomplished. Millennials care about such as culture, workplace flexibility, making a difference, and being appreciated. Those are many of the same things that are important to everybody. The difference is Millennials more likely to voice their thoughts and to change jobs if they aren’t happy.

Here are some more articles to dig further into this topic:

For the second poll question on B Corporations (B Corps), it seems many may have missed the AAM Minute’s article on “B Corps — The New 21st Century Economy.” B Corp certification is a third-party certification conducted by nonprofit B Labs that verifies social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. They audit your firm’s governance, how they treat employees, clients, community, and the planet. It is a rigorous process but has many business benefits. Currently, there are only 5 firms in the US that have been able to attain this certification and 13 in the world. With the above Millennial shift talked about above, becoming a B Corp is a great way to address all their concerns.

But first, we ask that you please take a minute for the minute and answer this month’s poll questions about your role in mergers and acquisitions in your firm.