Beginner's Guide

Engage Summit Recap

Anna Morgese, Marketing Manager
Eder, Casella & Co.

This was my first Summit and due to scheduling issues, I attended online. One of the big things I got out of attending online is the knowledge that being there is essential for the best overall experience.  The online sessions were good, but didn't give you the networking experience you would get with being there. With that being said, I'm still glad I attended online to give me the incentive to push to be able to go in person next year. My takeaways: 

  • Gain a better understanding of my role, the partners and associate roles in Business Development.  Work on nurturing those roles to help the firm grow.  Develop specific steps to help move each level of BD Professional to the next level. (Finding Hidden BD Horsepower at your Firm & Optimizing Your Role as Business Development Professional)
  • Making a high quality video that people will watch that doesn't have to break the bank.  Antoine Dupont gave a highly entertaining presentation that cut through all the supposed best practices to give you the "meat" of what truly matters when making videos that get opened and why we need to be doing it. 
  • People are not logical and rational. Decisions are made emotionally and justified rationally.  Emotion will always win out over logic.  Building relationships at work that help people to feel safe no matter what their differences.  High performing teams have a high level of safety with their teams.  85% of your success comes from your soft skills rather than your technical knowledge. I will use these ideas to teach my team. (Playing Politics: The Psychology of the Human Workplace)   

Kaitlynn Wells
, Marketing Coordinator
Sensiba San Filippo LLP

I am new to accounting marketing and this was my first AAM conference. Here are some of the things that I’m planning to work on at my firm:

  • Gated Content – Trade contact information for good, rich content. Then creating email drip campaigns around them.
  • Trying to Segment our email lists into different niches so the information clients receive is specifically curated for their eyes/business. The open and click rate would be higher because the information would be immediately relevant to their business.
  • Video – the “less than 2 minute rule” isn’t relevant anymore. As long as the videos are around 10 minutes or less, people will watch them if the content is engaging. ‘How to’ Videos are #1 watched videos in all of YouTube.
  • Have specific objectives when spending money on content. Don’t measure ROI, measure ROO (Return on Objective). This makes the objectives more manageable and measurable.

Michael Weingartner
, Marketing Supervisor

Margolin, Winer & Evens LLP

Firms should have a video on each service page on their website explaining that particular service. This will increase time on page(s), average time onsite, is much easier to consume, and is great for SEO.

Bethany Silvis, Marketing Coordinator
Kerkering, Barberio & Co.

Most of my takeaways are in the world of social media and how to engage with the next generation of buyers:
  • Introducing more work/life balance on social media channels to promote our culture
  • Becoming more active with YouTube and video in general
  • Redesigning our website is an absolute must 
  • Look into client service areas like online payment options, texting, etc.

Samantha Parker

Mazars USA LLC

  • Great networking with like-minded professionals. Everyone was so open and willing to discuss their pain points, new ideas, and offer suggestions—even direct competitors. I highly recommend signing up for the Dine and Connect activity as well!
  • Content is king and there were a ton of great tips to get the most out of your content and strategies around creating content when time and resources could be lacking.
  • I also really enjoyed the sessions that revolved around your personal professional development, specifically on conducting yourself on LinkedIn, working with your managing partner, and being a leader on your team and in your firm.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their takeaways. We hope to see you all again next year, May 5-8, 2020 in Philadelphia! Until then, as you are working your way through the next year, remember Rocky’s famous words, “Life's not about how hard of a hit you can's about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward.”