AAM Minute Monthly Poll

Chris O'Day, ALL CPAs

We are asking our readers to contribute to our topic of conversation and share a little about what they do in their firms.

Last month we asked about Client Accounting Services. Here’s how you answered:

Q1: Does you firm offer Client Accounting Services?





Q2: If so, what services do you offer?

Financial Statement Preparation


CFO/Controller Advisor Services


Payroll Services


Accounts Payable




All the above


Q3: When you firm rolls out a new service, what is your role?

I’m in it from the planning stages.


I get in the mix at some point after they decide to offer these services.


I’m told after it’s a done deal.



It comes as no surprise that all respondents’ firms offer client accounting services (we do work in the “accounting” industry). The second question’s results are a bit misleading at first glance because 30% of respondents told us that their firm offers all of the services. So in total, 40% of responder’s firms offer Financial Statement Preparation, 80% offer CFO/Controller Advisor Services, 40% offer Payroll Services, 30% offer Accounts Payable, and 30% offer Budget/Forecasting.

For the third question, only 20% of responders answered that they are included in the planning stages of offering a new service. This is a bit disheartening as marketing should have an important voice in planning to offer new services. Half of the responders replied that they are brought into the mix after they decide to offer a service (“We’re going to offer xyz, figure out how to market it”), and 30% are left in the dark until it is a done deal. As marketers advance in their careers, they should strive to get a voice at the table and play an essential role in offering new services.

This month, please take a minute for the AAM Minute and answer this month’s poll questions about business development (BD) at your firm.

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Christopher O’Day is the Director of Marketing at ALL CPAs, a 50 person firm in Chestnut Hill, MA. As the Director of Marketing, he is responsible for business development, strategic marketing, digital marketing, social media, communications, recruiting, event management, and other growth efforts for the firm.