AAM Minute Monthly Poll

Chelsey.jpgEmily Taibl, Sweeney Conrad, PS

In September, we took a deep dive into the world of video—from how to best create it to different ways you can use it to benefit your firm. (Missed it? Check it out here.) The good news is according to our poll, the majority of firms have been using video (or planning to) in some capacity. 10.53% claim to be video rock stars, 68.42% are using video (but minimally), and 21.05% are not using video (but plan to in the near future). At this point, most accounting marketers are either producing videos themselves or plan to. 55% said that all of their video work is in-house, and another 10% said they plan on doing it all themselves when the time comes. 20% of respondents said that they are currently outsourcing, and 15% were unsure of what their plans are.

So for those creating videos in-house, how are these videos being made? 10.53% use a cell phone, 15.79% use a camera, 5.26% use a laptop, and the majority, 68.42%, said they use a combination of several methods.

Lastly, it looks like plans for using video span across a number of platforms. 5% of firms primarily use video for internal communications, 30% for social media, 5% use it for email, and 60% are using it all over the place (for internal communications, social media, email, website, and recruitment). The bottom line is video is on the rise, and as an industry, accounting firms are jumping in on this medium to relay their messages and give their firms a personal touch.

About Emily
Emily manages Sweeney Conrad’s marketing department and is the lead on all brand strategy both internally and externally. She handles all marketing activities for the firm including planning, client outreach, content management, website, recruiting, and social media. Prior to Sweeney Conrad, Emily ran her own boutique PR/Marketing firm specializing in the restaurants and non-profits. She serves as the Chair of the Association of Accounting Marketing’s monthly newsletter, the AAM Minute, and is on the Marketing/Business Development Team for Allinial Global.