AAM Minute Monthly Poll

Chris O'Day, ALL CPAs

Each month, we ask readers to contribute to our topic of conversation and share a little about what they do in their firms. In September, we asked fellow marketers about business development at their firm. Here is what we found:

Q1: Do you have a person/team dedicated to Business Development at your firm?

Yes, we have one person, and it is their main role.


Yes, we have a team dedicated to business development.


No, business development falls under the marketing umbrella.


No, partners are responsible for business development.


I am a solo marketer responsible for both.


Q2: What is marketing’s role with business development at your firm?

Marketing oversees business development.


Marketing tracks business development.


Marketing develops leads for business development.


Marketing is involved in a-c.


Marketing is not involved in business development.


I am a solo marketer responsible for all.




Q3: How are business development goals communicated at your firm?

We have quarterly business development goals.

We have monthly business development goals.

We have yearly business development goals.


      Business development goals are not communicated at our firm.


Other – Unsure


For the first question, the results were split evenly for who is responsible for business development at the respondents’ firms. Some firms have one dedicated business development person and some have teams for BD. In a quarter of the firms, BD falls under marketing, and for another quarter of firms, partners are responsible for BD.

The second question asks about the marketing department’s role in business development. It is refreshing to see that marketing is involved in all the firms that responded. Marketing should play a critical role in business development — from the development of collateral to prospecting leads for the firm.

For the third question, only 50% of responders answered that business goals are communicated yearly. This is a bit disheartening as firms should have measurable goals and benchmarks. If you are not privy to business development goals it may be worth discussing this with your partners at an upcoming meeting.

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About Chris
Christopher O’Day is the Director of Marketing at ALL CPAs, a 50 person firm in Chestnut Hill, MA. As the Director of Marketing, he is responsible for business development, strategic marketing, digital marketing, social media, communications, recruiting, event management, and other growth efforts for the firm.