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Lora-lynn M. Williams


Name:Lora-lynn M. Williams

Title: Marketing Manager / Executive Assistant
Years of Experience: One year as Marketing Manager, 10+ as an Executive Assistant, and 20+ in bookkeeping
College Name & Degree(s): Southern New Hampshire University, BA General Studies, Accounting; finishing a Masters in Management and Leadership at Western Governors University by the end of this year.  
Firm Name: McLaren & Associates CPAs, PC
Firm City & State: Shrewsbury, MA
Firm Size: 13 employees
Email Address:
Professional Memberships: MSCPA, AAM, SHRM
Does your firm currently use a CRM? 

We use CCH Practice Management and CCH Engagement as our CRMs.

What is the structure of your marketing department?  
Our Marketing department consists of myself and a part-time administrative person.

What have you learned the hard way?
I learned to always have social media posts and press releases proofread before sending them out.

What is a “must know” for new accounting marketers?  
I would recommend forming relationships with local media outlets.

What is something people may not know about you? 
Growing up with a learning disability, I struggled to read, let alone read for enjoyment. My youngest son also has learning disabilities as well and has struggled in school too. Watching him struggle in public school was awful, however the school system knew that they could not teach my child, and moved him to a private school for the learning disabled. He would have to travel an hour and a half each way to school every day. He did not complain once that first year, and I looked at him and thought if he can do this every single day just to learn to read, I can certainly get a college degree at 39. It took me five years to earn my bachelor’s degree, and after that, I just kept going! Now I have two courses to go for my master’s degree in Management and Leadership.

What is the biggest benefit you receive from your AAM membership? 
The biggest benefit of AAM to my career is the resources and networking opportunities.

Share one marketing tip. 
Develop relationships with local media outlets, local colleges and universities, and other CPA firms.

What do you feel is the biggest issue is facing accounting marketers today? 
I think the biggest challenge facing marketers today is how to market the differences between CPA firms. I also think that every firm is having issues finding talent.

What would you be doing if you had not become a marketer?
I would still be doing bookkeeping.

What is the biggest project you are working on right now?
The biggest project I’m working on is updating our IT service provider.

What is your spirit animal and why?
I would say that my spirit animal would be a dog or wolf, as I am a very loyal individual.

If you had an unlimited budget, what is one thing you would implement immediately?
If I had an unlimited budget, I would update our website with every bell and whistle I could get

What books have you read recently that you feel would be beneficial to other AAM members?  
I love to read…mostly paranormal books though. However, for non-fiction I would recommend Tom Ryan’s Following Atticus; Forty-Eight High Peaks, One Little Dog, and an Extraordinary Friendship and Will’s Red Coat by the same author. Another great book is The Carpenter: A Story About the Greatest Success Strategies of All by Jon Gordon. Just one more: You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero.