AAM Minute Monthly Poll

We are asking our readers to contribute to our topic of conversation and share a little about what they do in their firms.

In April, we asked some questions about how you’re handle change and create accountability at your firm. Here’s how you answered:

Q1: Does your firm have a method for keeping your CPAs accountable for business development/marketing tasks?






-       We have weekly calls with our regional BD team, weekly calls with our regional director, and 1 on 1 meetings with their office managing partners

-       We have individual marketing plans for managers and above



Q2: Do you have a pipeline report?

Yes, we stay on top of our pipeline, and update it regularly.


Yes, we have one but don’t do much with it





Q3: How open to change would you say your partners are?

At our firm, we relish change and are always looking for ways to keep growing.


We ease into change, and it can take some time


Change? What’s change?


It probably comes as no surprise that most accounting firms are slow to change and take time to adopt accountability practices.  Most firms have pipelines, while some struggle to understand how to use them, or how to create accountability for follow up. The good news is, there is room to grow — and judging by our poll, while change is slow, it IS happening.  This change is exciting because even as we navigate these uncertain times, if we use the right strategies, we can make big change at our firms.

This month we ask that you please take a minute for the AAM Minute and answer this month’s poll questions about how you recession-proof your marketing department.