AAM Minute Monthly Poll

Emily Taibl, Sweeney Conrad, PS

In January, we asked how you promote employee engagement and retention. Here’s how you answered:

Q1: Does your firm have special programs in place to promote employee engagement and retention? Tell us more:


We created a 2020 committee focused on firm engagement and retention (I didn’t name it!).

We have a points plan. Employees can earn points for various engagement activities, which can then be turned into logoed merchandise.

We recently convened an employee engagement committee to help address employee engagement and retention.

We have a Career Development Program to engage our employees in all aspects of business and make sure they are happy moving forward in their careers to get where they want to go.

Each month we have a calendar of events to help drive activities and interaction not focused on work. We are deploying a new system in the next month to keep a pulse on employee engagement. We have a variety of benefits, i.e. Becker reimbursement, to help retain top young talent.

Our firm has a team engagement manager and this is her sole job.

Mentoring program.


Q2: Do you have special things you do during busy season to keep employees happy? Tell us more:

Feed them Starbucks runs.

Firm does ice cream socials, random gifts, brings in food, etc.

Meals, hockey game, dinner with the managing partner

Weekend Away - in February, the firm closes on a Friday at 3pm and is closed all weekend. You can submit receipts from the weekend, up to $150, and the firm reimburses. The other things we do are all food-related, and I think most firms do the same kinds of things.

We have a few events and special treats - massages, lunches, happy hours.

We have a ton of events during busy season that marketing puts on (mostly surrounding food). For instance, we are celebrating National Pie Day with pizza and pies, the Chinese New Year with lunch brought in from Panda Express, a Super Bowl Party with a taco bar, fondue lunch on Valentine’s Day with cheese and chocolate fondue with all the fixings, and even a chair massage day where professional masseuses come in and everyone signs up for a 15 minute chair massage! They are all great hits with the stressed-out staff. We do several of these events every month during busy season and about once a month during non-busy season.

On Saturdays we cookout / grill for lunch. It provides food for our team since they are having to work on the weekend, but also gives a nice break during the day to enjoy each other's company. We often provide dinners as well as deadline days approach.

Bingo with prizes weekly, meals towards end of season, recently allowed seasoned accounts to choose specialty tax or audit and adjust hours based on what worked for them.

Since we have a team engagement manager and this is her role, marketing does not do anything extra.

Poll results indicate that firms are working hard to create engaged and happy employees. With everything from meals to massages, employee retention has made it to the top of a lot of priority lists. In fact, some firms are even hiring full-time employees whose sole job is to work on keeping employees engaged and satisfied in their careers. The bottom line is making your firm a place people want to go to work is key to creating a thriving firm.

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