AAM Minute Monthly Poll

Christine Hollinden, Hollinden | marketers + strategists

July Poll Results

The majority of firms are, in fact, looking for areas of opportunity, though many don’t have a consistent plan for how to do so. From our poll in July, 62% are consistently looking for new service opportunities, while 31% are not consistent with their efforts, and 7% are not looking at all. Methods for looking for new service lines and opportunities consist mostly of discussing with clients (15%), while 85% use a combination of online research, discussions with clients, and discussions with partners. When we asked about what new services firms have been offering over the last year or two, we heard PPP, SVOG, ERTC consultation and assistance, as well as cybersecurity and HR consulting, quantitative decision making, reasonable compensation reports, outsourced CFO, and carbon marketing.

In summary, high growth firms are always looking for areas of opportunity. In order to keep your firm future-focused, it’s important to come up with consistent strategies for both identifying these areas and rolling them out at your firm.

This month, please take a minute for the Minute and answer August’s poll questions about prospecting.

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Christine M. Hollinden, CPSM, founder and principal of Hollinden | marketers + strategists, is passionate about helping professional services firms distinguish themselves from the pack. Her forward-thinking approach has earned her industry recognition as evidenced by the firm’s nationwide client base. Her competitive spirit has helped hundreds of firms build brands, create niche practices, and expand their practices. In her spare time, you will find Christine playing golf, cooking a gourmet dinner for friends, or leading the Houston Chapter of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, the oldest wine and food society in the world.