AAM Minute - Meet a Member

Rhonda Maraziti

Name: Rhonda Maraziti

Title: Chief Marketing Officer

Years of Experience: 10

College Name & Degree: Rutgers University, B.S. degree

Firm Name: WithumSmith+Brown, PC

Firm City & State: Princeton, New Jersey

Firm Size: $148 million | 800 employees

Email Address: rmaraziti@withum.com

Professional Memberships: AAM & Healthcare Financial Management Association

Community Involvement: Algonquin Arts, Board Member

Twitter Handle: @RhondaMaraziti

LinkedIn Profile: in/rhondamaraziti


What are your thoughts on marketing to different generations?

It is such an interesting time for marketers. You need to embrace and implement strategies in both the digital space and traditional methods of advertising and marketing to reach all generations. It’s a challenge but also fun and invigorating. The Millennials’ use of social and mobile is a huge influence over our marketing strategy decisions, but we also have to remember to market to the generations that still want that personal connection with one-on-one meetings.


What is the structure of your marketing department?

I lead a team of 15 marketing professionals. We have one Creative Director, one Creative Services Coordinator, three Marketing Managers (one is a Digital Manager), four Senior Marketing Coordinators, five Marketing Coordinators, one dedicated Proposal Writer, and one Marketing Department Assistant.


What is your proudest career accomplishment?

I am most proud of the amazing team of talented marketing professionals we have assembled here at Withum. When I started 10 years ago, there were four of us huddled in the back corner of one of our New Jersey offices, and our main purpose was to create brochures and plan events. Since then, every member of the team plays a critical role in helping build our brand and drive new business to the firm. The stature of the marketing department has certainly been elevated. I have to credit the firm’s management team who wholeheartedly supports marketing.

What have you learned the hard way?

Take your time in hiring when growing your department. ‘Good enough’ is never good enough. There is a lot of great talent out there so meet with as many people as you can. Your gem of a next team member is out there.


What is a must-know for new accounting marketers?

You must know AAM! I can’t begin to express how important it is to grow your network of accounting marketing professionals. They are always happy to give advice and share best practices.


What are your special skills or what is something people may not know about you?

I have a light personality and can get along with most anyone. I also take the time to listen – to problems, issues, opinions – taking all of this into consideration when making decisions or offering guidance. People are people; they have good days and bad days.


What is the biggest benefit you receive from your AAM membership or what affect has AAM had on your career?

Having a direct connection to other accounting marketers at my level is invaluable. I have never encountered anyone who wasn’t willing to share insights into what they do as a firm when I am freely discussing a challenge I may be facing.


Share one marketing tip.

I will share two. I am a big believer in continuous learning; read, talk to people, and take courses to further your professional development. Also, make lunch dates with your accounting professionals to hear what’s going on in their worlds. This is so important.


What do you feel is the biggest issue facing accounting marketers today?

I hear my colleagues opine on the struggle of getting partner buy-in on their marketing or niche development initiatives. They receive the typical responses of small budgets or limited time to become involved. In addition, keeping up with new technology, apps, and tech trends keeps us on our toes!


What would you be doing if you had not become a marketer?

I’d be a bartender in Key West. Not kidding.


What is the biggest project that you are working on right now?

Expanding our niche development initiative and implementing marketing automation software are the biggest projects I’m currently working on.


If you had an unlimited budget, what is one thing you would implement immediately?

I would love to see our brand emblazoned across every sporting arena up and down the east coast!


What books have you read recently that you feel would be beneficial to other AAM members?

Clients for Life by Jagdish Sheth and Andrew Sobel. It’s an easy read with great client perspectives.