AAM Minute - Best Practices

Marketing Strategies for Recruiting

Crystal Mapp, KPM CPAs & Advisors


It is important to consider your branding, messaging, and marketing strategy when trying to attract and retain the best talent. The accounting industry talent pool has continued to become more competitive with each passing year. This means you must differentiate your firm and marketing plays a huge role in this process. Many firms have continued to recruit with the same corporate branding and strategy they would sell a client – they are not targeting college students with tailored messaging and creative. The following includes ideas for a refreshed recruiting marketing strategy.

  • Color palette – Have you considered creating a vibrant color palette using your corporate colors as the base? There are often ways to brighten/modernize your look with a few simple color modifications or additions.
  • Logo – You may consider designing a logo specific to recruiting to further provide an identity to your recruiting strategy.
  • Exhibit – College career fairs are inevitable so rather than using your standard corporate exhibit display, you may want to create one with a younger demographic in mind. Incorporating icons, vibrant colors, and infographics are all popular when designing for millennials.
  • Marketing profiles/brochures – It is important that when designing marketing materials, you ensure an attractive, vibrant look in an easy to digest format. Statistics and callouts are essential for the scanning reader.
  • Promo items – You should consider evaluating promotional options that are attractive to a younger demographic – anything that can be paired with an electronic device is sure to be a hit!
  • Social media – Be sure to increase your presence on social media; consider new channels your target group may be using, create specific hashtags, and include content related to firm culture, community involvement, and FUN activities to gain a following.
  • Website – Create a recent college graduate/recruiting section under careers and add content targeted to this demographic.
  • Video – Video content is a must when marketing to college students; consider fun video content like a ‘day in the life of’ a new hire to help them better understand what to expect from your firm.
  • Surveys – When trying to attract the very best talent, it is important your firm stands out from the competition. It may seem like an arbitrary activity to continue to vie for awards, but recognition continues to be an important asset to promote.
  • Fun events – Host students at your office so they can get a closer look at where they would be working; add an element of fun to help your firm stand out (entice them with trendy food and play games)!
  • Community involvement – Be sure to leverage opportunities for hands-on volunteer work; this continues to be a key factor when students are choosing a place of future employment.
  • University scholarships – It is important to show your commitment to their school by offering scholarship funds each year on behalf of your firm. To take it to the next level, highlight the scholarship recipient and follow up with this individual to showcase their success.
  • Benefits – Discuss and highlight benefits that are unique or tailored to a younger demographic; do you offer telecommuting options for a flexible schedule or ergonomic workstations?
  • Business development – It is no longer a standard practice to network as a young CPA. Incentivize younger staff to encourage event attendance and help them seek out opportunities to engage in business settings.
  • Social – Offer opportunities for younger staff to get to know firm employees outside of business hours; consider happy hours as an alternative to a breakfast or lunch.

I hope you found valuable insights or something new you can incorporate into your marketing strategy. Happy recruiting!