1. Advertising

  1. Print campaign (minimum of three different ads or one ad promoted through multiple media vehicles)
  2. Digital advertising (banner, popup, button, e-cards, commercials, etc.)
  3. Paid content marketing & SEO campaign (search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media, etc.)

2. Branding

Inclusive of internal branding, stationery, trade shows, promotional items, etc. 

  1. Logo: New or refreshed (include before and after visuals)
  2. Integrated Branding Programs: with a budget under $100,000
  3. Integrated Branding Program: with a budget of $100,000 or more

3. Business Development Initiative

  1. Customized sales initiative or approach

4. Collateral and Content Marketing

  1. Brochures (firm-wide, practice group, service, annual report, etc.)
  2. Publications and newsletters
  3. Announcements/invitations (print or digital)
  4. Integrated PR campaign (internal or external, three or more media required)
  5. Blogs

5. Events

  1. Events: budget less than $9,999 (internal, external)
  2. Events: budget between $10,000 and $24,999 (internal, external)
  3. Events: budget of $25,000 or more (internal, external)

6. Marketing and PR Campaigns

  1. Recruiting campaign (focused program on recruiting campus or experienced hires to the firm)
  2. Integrated marketing campaign (three or more media channels required)
  3. Client service/survey (includes internal and external, printed and electronic surveys used to gauge client satisfaction, industry trends, new niche, etc.)
  4. Direct marketing campaign (single, or two+ pieces)
  5. Social media campaign (i.e., Google AdWords, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope)
  6. Nurture/lead generation campaign (multiple touch point program)
  7. Non-technical published and feature articles
  8. Technical published and feature articles

7. Video and Multimedia

Includes a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, or interactivity content forms.

  1. Program budget of $9,999 or less (recruiting, firm promotion, client testimonials, interviews, etc.)
  2. Program budget of $10,000 or more (recruiting, firm promotion, client testimonials, interviews, etc.)

8. Website

Includes traditional websites, mobile, responsive, micro sites, and landing pages.

  1. Website: Project budget of $24,999 or less
  2. Website: Project budget of $25,000 or more 

Winners will be revealed at the 2019 Networking/AAM-MAA Reception on June 10 in Las Vegas.