Organizational Membership

AAM's dues structure offers a reduced rate for multiple members in the same company, allowing others in your company to get on board with firm growth.  In short: the more you sign up, the less it costs per person! 

Additionally, when your team takes advantage of the organizational membership, your managing partner receives a complimentary membership.  Here's how the cost reduction breaks down:

Number of Team

AAM Dues Per

Initiation Fee Per










Individuals who join AAM agree to abide by the association’s code of ethics.

Risk Reduction

The reality is that people change jobs. Now AAM lets your firm transfer memberships under the organizational membership structure.  If a team member leaves, their replacement can step right into their new role with an all-access pass to AAM's wealth of resources and collaboration opportunities from Day One.  

More AAM Members = Greater Opportunities for Firm Growth 

Your team is looking for the next great idea to move the needle. Here at AAM, we are committed to doing just that.  By giving more team members access to some of our organization's premier content, tools and events at a discounted rate, your firm will be poised for continued growth by deploying a variety of innovative techniques while collaborating with other leaders in the industry.

From AAM High to our annual AAM Summit, all organizational members can take advantage of valuable member discounts - making it easier for others on your team to get on the same page, learn more, effectively collaborate, and drive overall firm growth.  What are you waiting for?  Please contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to assist you in getting your membership set up.