CRM to the Next Level

Taking Your CRM to the Next Level Workshop (New York, NY)

September 13, 2018 (New York, NY) - 10am - 3pm

Sarah Dobek

 Taking Your CRM to the Next Level Workshop

 Instructor: Sarah Dobek



Venue Host/Location:

Mazars USA

135 West 50th Street

New York, NY 10020



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Non-Member Early-Bird $245/Non-Member Regular $295

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Early-Bird Expires: August 30  



Data is a critical component of business today, but especially for accounting firms. Many firms have CRM software, but they are continuously challenged with getting more return on their investment and using the information in a meaningful way. In this workshop we are going to explore how to get the most out of your CRM and specifically spend time talking about:

  • Data cleansing, quality, and standards
  • Improving CRM adoption internally
  • Integrating CRM with other software and tools
  • Data engagement and reporting
  • Data privacy and spam law trends
  • Using CRM to enhance your client experience


Sarah Dobek is Founder and President of Inovautus Consulting and is a successful growth advisor to public accounting firms. Sarah works with entrepreneurial spirited professionals in accounting, law, consulting, financial services and other service-based companies to help them evolve.

Sarah primarily works with firms that are looking to embrace or integrate digital media into their marketing mix or elevate their current marketing efforts. Her unique background in marketing and knowledge of digital media allow her to deliver insightful, practical advice that guides organizations down the right path to achieving the growth they desire. Sarah’s ability to understand where an organization is starting, matched with her disciplined approach to best practices drive results for firms. Prior to starting Inovautus Consulting, Sarah was the Director of Marketing for a Chicago based accounting firm and the Director of Consulting Services at PDI Global.