AAM on the Road

What is AAM on the Road?

In these hands-on workshops, AAM on the Road brings cutting-edge content geographically closer to our members. Topics include areas where a deeper dive can be completed resulting in takeaways that attendees can immediately put into place at their firms. While theory will be covered, the key is having members share with one another and work on assignments that will move their marketing and business development forward.

These-half day sessions are designed to make it easy for attendees to travel the same day as the session. They take place in an area where a large number of members are located and take into consideration the ease of travel. Time for networking is always included. Attendance is limited to 50 attendees to foster interaction and allow participants to get more hands-on training from the instructor.

How often do they take place?

While there is no set number, AAM will offer a small number of these workshops each year covering a range of topics. There will be one AAM on the Road per geography each year and the most popular sessions will be rotated to additional cities so more people can participate.

Is there a fee for participation? 

Considering the value you can expect to receive from these sessions, there is a fee for participation. When comparing AAM on the Road to other similar workshops held by a variety of organizations, we came up with competitive, mid-level pricing. Early bird pricing for each session is:

  • $195 for member
  • $245 for nonmembers
In addition, there are discounts to any firm that sends multiple attendees to the event.

Are there sponsors to offset costs?

Partnership opportunities are available for AAM on the Road.  We look for in-kind sponsors for the venue. In addition, there is a spot for one sponsor per workshop (or one for the entire series). This allows us to keep the tight-knit feel atmosphere for attendees and gives sponsors the ability to meet everyone in attendance. For information on sponsoring, contact us.