Summit 2018



Are You Ready to Think Fresh?

This year’s conference in Portland, Oregon is breaking the mold with shorter, interactive sessions, creative networking opportunities and a fresh city.

Summit is a critical experience that forges relationships, sparks new ideas and sends attendees back to their firms inspired and fueled.

Thinking fresh isn’t just about having an action plan full of new ideas to take home. All attendees are urged to embrace the new and fresh in their careers, the accounting marketing profession and in the community.  

What are the Goals for the Think Fresh! 2018 Summit?

  • Break the Mold: To create a conference that challenges previous formats, content and perceived barriers to create the most valuable experience for our attendees.
  • Connection: To create opportunities for like-minded individuals to collaborate and connect at many points during the conference in innovative ways.
  • Cutting-Edge Education: To bring in unparalleled speakers with unique presentation formats to deliver fresh content with actionable takeaways.
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