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We look forward to hosting over 450 marketing and business development professionals at our annual Summit on May 5-8, 2020 in Philadelphia. We've packed the agenda with next generation ideas and cutting edge topics that will revolutionize the professional services marketing industry as we know it today. In addition to the Liberty Bell and over 2,000 outdoor murals, we’re excited to see you in Philadelphia! 

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Why Attend AAM Summit

With over 400 attendees—including 40 dynamic speakers—at our last standalone conference in Portland, Oregon, AAM Summit has proven to be the place to connect with industry peers and learn about what’s happening in accounting marketing. Year after year attendees share what makes Summit so valuable to them:

"I was unsure about attending AAM Summit and didn’t attend the first year of my career in Accounting Marketing. Luckily, I attended the second year, and it changed everything. Summit filled me up and sent me back to my firm with renewed energy and ideas. Because of Summit I have a good group of fellow accounting marketer friends I can go to for ideas or encouragement. I didn’t realize how important it would be to feel like I was part of a bigger community, but it is SO IMPORTANT! If you want longevity in this career path, you can’t miss the AAM Summit. For me, it has been the difference between a full and vibrant career compared to what would have been slow and steady burnout."
- Brooke Eppa, Cooper Norman CPAs & Business Advisors 

“My journey with the Association for Accounting Marketing started in 1999 when I first embarked on my career as an accounting firm marketer. My first summit that I attended was at Redondo Beach, CA back in 2000 and I have pretty much attended every summit (except maybe 3) since then. For me, the Association for Accounting Marketing and attending the summits in the early stages of my career was my beacon to develop my network of marketing professionals, gain knowledge and tap into the many resources that were available to me as a new marketer. Fast forward to 2019 – my path has taken me to not only get involved with AAM on a deeper level but attending the summits and even winning a few marketing achievement awards along the way have played an instrumental part in my professional growth as a successful accomplished accounting firm marketer.”
- Tracey Cifone, Director of Marketing, Sol Schwartz & Associates, P.C.

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