AAM Summit

About AAM's Annual Conference

AAM hosts one major summit each year that typically takes place in May or June. The conference is designed to provide educational events through keynote speakers and breakout sessions featuring sole presenters, co-presenters and panel presentations. However, most attendees come for the networking…

  • Marketers and business developers often feel like islands in their firms; the conference helps them build a network of support with people in the same position.
  • Executive-level marketers have issues unique to where they are at in their careers; the conference is where they can connect with peers to solicit best practices and advice.
  • Partners know accounting and tax, but need to brush up on their marketing; the conference introduces them to new strategies and tactics.
  • Attendees learn from the exhibitors and sponsors who introduce them to what’s new in the industry – and the Summit is not possible without their support.

2021 AAM Summit 

The 2021 AAM Summit is scheduled for May 24-26 and will be a hybrid event. The choice is yours - experience Summit in-person in Philadelphia, PA or virtually from the comfort of your home or office. Both options provide attendees with a unique opportunity to connect and build skills with our new and innovative agenda arranged into content blocks. The Summit website and registration are now open.  


In 2012, AAM conducted its first-ever co-conference with the AICPA Practitioners Symposium and TECH+ conference. The convergence of three conferences in one location provided additional educational opportunities, allowing members to mix and match a custom educational experience with leaders from every firm discipline. Marketing and practice growth professionals have a prominent role in the combination event and can showcase innovation and best practices on a larger stage than usual.


AAM was proud to continue this relationship in 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019. It’s our goal to be part of this event on a bi-annual basis for as long as it continues to make sense to all parties involved.  In 2022, AAM will once again partner with the AICPA who will bring together seven conferences for one unique event - ENGAGE. (Note: due to the cancelation of AAM's 2020 Summit, we will not collocate with the AICPA in 2021 as previously announced.)

Past Conferences

When AAM partners with the AICPA, geographic location options are limited due to the large number of attendees. However, it’s AAM’s goal to rotate the location as much as possible – East Coast, Central and West Coast – in order to bring the conference closer to members across the U.S. In addition, each conference has a theme that relates to the geography and/or what’s happening in the industry at that time. This theme helps shape the educational content.

The following is a list of prior conference themes and locations:


  • 2020: Emerge, Virtual
  • 2019: ENGAGE (co-conference with the AICPA), Las Vegas
  • 2018: Think Fresh!, Portland
  • 2017: ENGAGE (co-conference with the AICPA)Las Vegas
  • 2016: inNEWvation, New Orleans
  • 2015: Roots of Success (co-conference with the AICPA Practitioners Symposium and TECH+), Orlando
  • 2014: Take AAM and Engage, Austin
  • 2013: Win Your Race: Inspire Innovation. Realize Results. (co-conference with the AICPA Practitioners Symposium and TECH+), Las Vegas
  • 2012: Succeeding in Today’s Topsy Turvy World (co-conference with the AICPA Practitioners Symposium and TECH+), Las Vegas
  • 2011: Take Your Firm to New Heights, Chicago 
  • 2010: Building Strong Foundations for Firm Success, Washington D.C.
  • 2009: Marketing Palooza, Austin
  • 2008: Wild On Marketing, San Diego
  • 2007: Uncharted Waters, Savannah
  • 2006: Mile High Marketing, Denver
  • 2005: Marketing Magic, Orlando
  • 2004: Odds on Excellence, Las Vegas
  • 2003: Revolutionary Marketing, Boston
  • 2002: Measuring Performance, San Antonio

Call for Presentations for  2021 Summit Are Now Closed

Call for presentations for the 2021 Summit are now closed. We are no longer accepting submissions. If you are interested in presenting at future AAM conferences, please complete this form