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Our strategic plan, better known as Vision 2020, provides clarity to our commitment to our members and their firms’ growth and sustainability. By providing industry-leading networking, educational resources and thought leadership to fulfill our mission, AAM delivers a unique value and collaboration not found elsewhere.

With Vision 2020 we actively and intentionally broadened our position beyond exclusive service to accounting marketers. The new vision focuses on our role as an association for all professionals within accounting firms who impact growth and sustainability. Here’s what that means:

  • AAM will be the association where all accounting industry professionals turn to acquire the strategies, tools and knowledge required to help their firms grow.


  • We are aggressively building operations, programming and new products to benefit current members, as well as accounting practitioners and business developers.


  • By focusing on four priorities—growth, process, knowledge and positioning—we are aiming to:
    • Engage with and satisfy both new and current members
    • Educate on cutting-edge issues and trends through thought leadership
    • Provide timely learning experiences to help members facilitate firm growth
    • Develop products and services that provide guidance on industry issues
    • Build key relationships throughout the accounting industry
    • Create an operational infrastructure to meet our goals

Our long-time membership base of accounting marketers remains critical to this refocused vision as we AAM for a clear future of growth and success.

Vision 2020 Strategic Plan

Vision 2020 Place Mat

Vision 2020 and Operating Plan (Print Friendly)


“AAM delivers targeted messaging to communicate our value propositions to members, firms and supporting organizations.”

  • POSITION 1: Position the Association for Accounting Marketing as the primary growth and sustainability resource across the CPA profession.
  • POSITION 2: Deploy branding strategy and marketing campaigns to build position as the leading thought leader, networking and educational resource in each of AAM's primary target markets: marketers, growth minded CPAs and sales and business development professionals.
Knowledge Pillar  

“AAM is the authority on CPA growth, providing thought leadership and process to key target markets.”

  • KNOWLEDGE 1: Use existing AAM content to build robust thought leadership platform for members and the accounting industry.
  • KNOWLEDGE 2: Create educational curricula for different AAM member segments in order to address their needs.
  • KNOWLEDGE 3: Create, aggregate and distribute top level thought leadership to target markets.
  • KNOWLEDGE 4: Partner with industry leaders and build alliances with industry groups in order to create, curate, distribute, and co-brand valuable content.
Growth Pillar  

“AAM generates revenue to build financial sustainability and facilitate organizational growth.”

  • GROWTH 1: Deploy growth strategies for each of the three primary target markets to achieve annual membership forecast.
  • GROWTH 2: Develop innovative sponsorship, advertising and packaged industry-relevant resources + programs that are collaborative and deliver value to the industry.
  • GROWTH 3: Increase member satisfaction and retention.
Process Pillar  

“AAM streamlines operations to facilitate goal-driven action plans and organizational success.”

  • PROCESS 1: Create processes/structure to align and maximize the contributions of volunteers.
  • PROCESS 2: Identify and communicate evolving roles, responsibilities and annualized action plans.
  • PROCESS 3: Develop and deploy strategic operating action plans that are evaluated systematically and continuously.
  • PROCESS 4: Identify and deploy, on an ongoing basis, technology solutions to facilitate the internal and external work of the board, executive committee, committees and members.
  • PROCESS 5: Develop system to capture knowledge including sponsor and member relations, past initiatives, successes and failures, and records of other important organizational experiences.