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Our AAM Committees support the goals and strategic priorities set by the Board of Directors; as such they operate similarly to functional departments of an organization. Committee chairs align committee activities with the mission, vision and goals through careful planning and direction with committee members.

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AAM Committees and Chairs 


Beth More
Mazars USA

JoLayna Arndt
JLK Rosenberger

The conference committee is responsible for the most significant educational, networking and partnership event in the AAM calendar year – the annual AAM Summit. Beginning nine months in advance, the co-chairs and subcommittees begin planning for the annual awards, speaker, and content structures, and facilitated networking for Summit attendees, including AAM members and exhibitors, as well as the development of a highly valuable conference experience. The liaison for the conference committee is the Board vice president (as stated in the AAM by-laws). The conference committee is supported by a meeting planner and AAM headquarters for operational processes. There are three subcommittees within the conference committee, including Content, Networking, and Marketing.

Content Subcommittee: Responsibilities include identifying current and relevant topics, review call for content submissions, setting the conference agenda, finding subject matter experts to fill speaker slots, and develops the general and breakout educational components of the conference. This group also works with the conference planner on the sponsor/exhibit package to identify new vendor and sponsor targets.

Fonda Lang

Networking Subcommittee: Networking with fellow AAM members and Summit attendees is of paramount importance to our members. This group identifies ways to bring members and sponsors together to encourage networking during the conference. Networking typically involves an awards ceremony, AAMbassador Program, CSR Activity, and more.

Heather Robinson
Boomer Consulting

Marketing Subcommittee: The success of the conference rests on getting attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors. This group looks at how to market and promote the conference and puts together a marketing plan to help support its overall success. Activities include website content, social media posts, conference brochure, and more.

Misty Olive
Smith & Howard

AAM Minute

Emily Taibl
Sweeny Conrad, PS

Rachael McGrew

The AAM e-newsletter (The AAM Minute) is a positioning digital publication with editorial plans, content design and solicitation of contributions that illustrate our value in the profession and promote the intellectual equity of our members. It is designed to provide brief snippets of high value to members and to entice new members to join. 

The committee is looking for members who would like to write. The commitment is a one-hour call a month to discuss topics, share ideas, and best practices in addition to three to five articles per year. 


Carrie Steffen
The Whetstone Group

The current treasurer of AAM is automatically a member of this committee as dictated by the bylaws. This group will make recommendations to the board regarding the AAM financial landscape, including potential investment policies and auditor rotation and selection. 

Growth Strategies

Dana Bottorff
Anadon Marketing/Communications

Heather Kunz
Williams Benator & Libby, LLP

The Growth Strategies e-magazine is the premier publication of the association. The quarterly thought leadership journal is editorially engaging and crafted to provide marketing, business development, and practice management professionals insight on trending topics and best practices. It contains originally reported and written content by committee members focused on the accounting and accounting marketing profession. As the only publication solely focused on accounting firm growth, the audience is marketing related and firmwide with a mix of partner voices to bridge the gap. 

This committee seeks volunteers skilled in long-form reporting from multiple sources for anchor focus pieces and Q&A formats. Copy editors and proofreaders are highly encouraged to join us! 

Member Growth

Rebecca Weiand
Rea & Associates, Inc.

Stephanie Koutsares
Baker Tilly

The Member Growth Committee provides leadership and innovation in recruiting and retaining members and measuring member satisfaction each year. It is this committee’s mission to grow the membership, on-board new members with creative and informative bi-monthly new member calls, and consistently increase member retention and member value by brainstorming fresh ideas to engage members. The committee works closely with headquarters to develop, test, and deliver member engagement programs, including the development of new materials and valuable tools and resources for our members. 

This committee is looking for individuals who can assist AAM headquarters in developing creative and strategic member recruitment campaigns, onboarding, and retention programs. This will include identifying target audiences, creating segmented messaging, graphic themes, promotions, and member satisfaction.. 

Virtual Education

Dawn Wagenaar
Ingenuity Marketing Group, LLC

Sarah Gray

The Virtual Education Committee (VEC) is responsible for developing and producing a highly valuable virtual education program for AAM members, leveraging conference content for members unable to attend, sharing member-to-member best practices via virtual education sessions, and creating opportunities for AAM affiliate members to educate and engage our members. The VEC currently delivers 13 or more webinars a year on relevant topics and pressing issues in the industry for marketers and business developers. The VEC is also responsible for Virtual Campfires, which are held monthly. The Virtual Education Committee is responsible for meeting revenue goals as assigned by the board in the annual budget. 

The committee is looking for volunteers skilled in project management and writing. 

Social Media

Brian Falony
Brady Ware

Sarah Coulson
CPAmerica International

This committee is tasked with setting procedures and processes for the association’s social media strategy. It handles all posts to the association’s social media sites and works with other committees to ensure the association’s messaging is consistent and reaching its target audience. The committee also manages all paid social media campaigns. 

This committee is looking for individuals with a strong background in social media.  

Strategic Communications

Laura Metz
Moore North America

Joe Kovacs
Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell, P.C. (CBM)

The Strategic Communications Committee helps achieve organizational goals by increasing positive perceptions of AAM among strategically important audiences. By delivering targeted, intentional messages, the committee builds and maintains relationships with current and prospective members, industry partners, media, and other stakeholders. The end results of the committee's work include new memberships, increased loyalty by current members, more business opportunities and partnerships, and a reputable brand identity in the accounting profession. This committee also supports other AAM committees and engages external audiences to shape the association's growth in a direction consistent with the board of directors' vision. 

This committee seeks engaged writers, editors, and proofreaders, as well as skilled graphic designers, and marketing professionals interested in strategic planning and data analytics. 


Scott Dine
Catalyst Group

Chris Borkes
Untracht Early LLC

The website, AAM Connect (our members-only section), and CPA Growth Trends (our blog) are key communication, education, and sales tools for the association. The website committee ensures that the AAM website and AAM Connect are up-to-date and running smoothly. They are responsible for developing pages, updating content on pages, monitoring analytics, and launching new areas. The committee manages site content, usability, awareness, conversions, and policies for both the public site and the members-only section. They also work to ensure the sites meet the association's overall goals and objectives as it relates to all stakeholders. 

A subcommittee manages AAM's blog, CPA Growth Trends, including sourcing, posting, and ensuring quality content as well as develops and executes SEO strategy for the blog in line with AAM's goals and objectives. 

Both the committee and the subcommittee are looking for volunteers comfortable with CMS, HTML, SEO, and/or analytics. 

AAMplify! Podcast

Abbey Kanellakis
Rea & Associates, Inc.

Chuck Summers
MCM CPAs & Advisors

AAMplify! is the Association for Accounting Marketing’s podcast series dedicated to providing professional marketers, business developers and firm leaders with insight into tactics and initiatives that will drive ongoing firm growth. This committee is responsible for the production and promotion of podcast episodes, which includes identifying topics, securing guests, moderating discussions, and maximizing podcast reach.

This committee is looking for volunteers with podcasting production experience, interviewing skills, marketing strategy.