Monthly Poll

We are asking our readers to contribute to our topic conversation and share a little about what they do in their firms.

Last month, we asked about AI and here is how you answered:

Q1: Are you currently using AI?





Q2: If so, what are you using?

Yes, but I can’t tell you what it is.

4 respondents

Marketing automation for content

1 respondents

Q3: What intimidates you most about AI?

Losing your job


Competency in using AI


Getting education for AI






Q3 Comments:


Transition to AI — being ready and making the change at the right time

Knowing and understanding what is available right now and how to begin using it

Getting buy-in from leadership


Looking at the responses to our survey, we are all trying to wrap our heads around AI and that’s okay. We got some great comments that I’d like to tackle.

First, thinking about making that transition to using AI can be daunting. It’s like that with any big software implementation. I know a few marketers that are still fighting CRM implementation PTSD and drinking more red wine than Olivia Pope. We all know the struggle is real and our annual summit in June is the best healing group therapy ever. #My2019EngageReason

The beauty about AI is it does not have to be as big of a project as CRM implementation. I would even recommend that it not be. Start small. Take a look at the software vendors you are already using and see if there are any AI bits that you can simply turn on and start poking around with.

For example, Hubspot has a chat bot that you can leverage for your website to help engage and guide users on their journey through your site. Check out Grammarly to help spell check and grammar check your work as well as check the tone and style of articles.

To find out what is out there and learn more about AI, check out the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute. They have a great blog and newsletter. Here are a few articles from them that you might like to dig into:

This month, we ask that you please take a minute for the minute and answer this month’s poll questions on blockchain.