Best Practices

Firm Milestone Marketing Ideas

Crystal Mapp, KPM CPAs & Advisors


When creating your firm’s anniversary marketing plan, there are many options to consider. A couple tips from someone who celebrated their firm’s 50th anniversary last year:


  • Begin the planning process earlier than the think you need to so you can have concrete activities in place for each month
  • Include others in the firm – both those who have been there a while and newer employees – it is incredibly important to have cultural ambassadors on your team that can help maintain excitement throughout the year


Items to consider in the planning process are as follows:


  • Anniversary logo – will you create a new logo to commemorate this special anniversary (likely a more serious consideration for key milestones)? Consider placing your new logo in employee signatures and on firm letterhead.
  • History timeline/milestones – do you have a great historical timeline developed? This was a fun project to create for our firm’s 50th anniversary! Make sure to include text and photos and only note key milestones for those celebrating larger numbers.
  • Client/referral gifts – will you have fun new swag to hand out throughout the year? Consider something unique that you only give out once.
  • Employee swag – be sure to use your brand ambassadors (employees) to help market your milestone – options like automotive window clings, license plate brackets, or lapel pins are fun items to consider.
  • Anniversary hashtag – will you try to group social media activity with a specially created hashtag? Be sure to launch this at the beginning of the year and encourage others to use it each time you share content.
  • Event/celebration – depending on the size of your firm, you will need to determine whether you will host a publically marketed celebration or keep it to invite-only; you also will want to consider whether you want to host an additional employee-only soiree.
  • Press release – be sure to issue a press release celebrating your milestone with the media, industry contacts, and your local Chamber of Commerce (you may receive a commemorative plaque or award as part of this).
  • Special charitable giving by the number/50 things you are thankful for – consider ramping up community efforts with a fun number themed giving campaign or list of items.
  • Advertising/sponsorships with anniversary logo/info – be sure to take advantage of your advertising dollars and publically market your achievement with special ads.
  • Content (website/social media/email marketing/internal newsletter/etc) – you will want to make sure to keep your milestone top of mind with specially written content throughout the year; you might consider ‘what happened in the year’ fun facts, a memories series with employees via a fun questionnaire, and historical firm factoids.
  • Anniversary video – create an animated timeline video or video with employee interviews/an overview of accomplishments and promote via firm channels.
  • Legacy pieces – consider commemorating important dates with a uniquely designed wall timeline piece in your headquarters office/board room or add building signage.
  • Sales/promotions/giveaways/contests – engage others in the fun and host contests with an anniversary theme – consider a scavenger hunt that requires people to engage with your website, etc.
  • Commemorative photo book – at the end of the year be sure to capture key moments with a photobook you place in your lobby in addition to online with digital photobooks.


I hope you gleaned a few ideas from the list above that you can use. The most important thing is to have fun with it! This gives you a great opportunity to show how grateful you are to clients and employees. Happy marketing!