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Five Reasons to Celebrate Firm Milestones

Maria Prince, BBD, LLP

Creating and executing marketing initiatives for firm milestones can seem overwhelming in the midst of already heavy workloads in your department. You may wonder if your audience cares to know about your firm’s anniversary. Is it worth the effort? The answer is yes. Celebrating milestones gives you an opportunity to communicate and show appreciation to clients and the communities you serve.

Before we detail the reasons firms should celebrate milestones, we must first take a look at some of the milestones you may want to consider:

  • Firm “birthdays” or number of years in service
  • Employee service anniversaries and promotions
  • New branding and/or website re-launch
  • Updated or new office space
  • New, improved, or altered service offerings
  • Key new hires

Not all of these will be appropriate for every firm, and this list is certainly not exhaustive. Be sure to choose the milestones you will celebrate carefully and purposefully.

What concrete reasons do you have for marketing your firm’s milestones, and what are the positive effects of those reasons? Celebrating milestones allows you to:

  1. Re-tell and reinforce your brand’s story, both internally and externally, which recaps your key messages to clients and employees and allows them to communicate those to others.
  2. Build your brand and client/employee loyalty while subsequently illustrating this loyalty to current and prospective clients as well as current and prospective employees. This leads to client and employee retention and becomes a selling point to prospective clients and employees.
  3. Market your firm’s breadth of experience and years of service in your industry, which demonstrates your firm’s expertise and reminds clients why they are working with you.
  4. Boost morale, which results in satisfied employees who do their best work for clients, remain at your firm, and speak highly of their jobs.
  5. Show clients how well your firm is doing, which can remove doubts they may have about the state of your business; this also solidifies your commitment to the industry and your mission.

Any time you have a milestone to celebrate, you have an opportunity to reach out to clients and remind them why your firm is great. Ultimately, fortifying your fundamental messages makes marketing milestones vital.