Business Development News

Celebrating Milestones in Business Development

Nikki Burgeson, Rehmann

Recognition is the great motivator for salespeople and practitioners alike. Sales incentives are distinct from employee recognition in that earning a larger paycheck (incentive) is but one way to reward performance. Top performers expect to be recognized and applauded for their hard work.

A few ways we recognize success for our BDEs at Rehmann:
  1. Since our goal is to drive growth, behaviors like involvement, activities and tasks are recognized regularly. Is the pipeline full? Great job! Here’s an activity bonus for you.
  2. Gift cards are an easy and quick thank you for a job well done.
  3. A personal, hand written thank you note.
  4. The greatest reward for BDEs is the firm’s integrity in standing behind the commission program after the sale. 

A few ways we celebrate wins with our CPAs:
  1. A formal referral and sales incentive program that recognizes performance. For top performers, this program contributes to associate advancement in the firm.
  2. Team recognition via email and phone calls (in person when possible) from the top of the firm.
  3. Recognition and celebration at department, industry and other meetings.
  4. We ask that recent wins be shared at practice growth meetings so that all may learn from the success. (Side note, also great recognition!)
  5. SPIFs (Special Performance Incentive Funds) on specific opportunities. These change regularly, depending on accounting changes, law changes, etc. and are rewarded with double cash incentives and drawings to win travel.

While our firm excels in recognizing members of our team in many different ways, I will always remember one specific expression of gratitude that I received for a big win. The CEO walked into my office, shook my hand and simply said “thank you” and explained to me why my recent win was so important to the firm. While this simple recognition may seem small, it is a moment of celebration that I will never forget.