Entry Instructions

Entry Instructions

All entrants must complete the online entry form and pay the entry fee via credit card for their submission to be considered complete. Submissions without payment will not be accepted.

Early-bird submissions must be received by 5 p.m. EST on Wednesday, March 14, 2018, accompanied by a fee of $175 per submission.

Standard submissions must be received by 5 p.m. EST on Friday, March 30, 2018, accompanied by a fee of $225 per submission. 


You will need to login to the submission site here

After creating a profile – you can begin the submission process. The AAM-MAA submission process contains two key elements:
1. Entry information
2. Poster for public display

Note: Each element should be submitted in the appropriate box below along with a vector format (.eps) copy of your firm’s logo.

Entry Information

Entry Summary 
Provide an executive summary outlining the key elements of your project/program.

Value proposition
Explain the opportunity or challenge that exists/existed to necessitate this project within your organization along with the desired outcomes and added value the project would bring to your firm.

Detail the tactics/steps utilized to achieve your objectives. You may also want to explain your thought process in determining the steps taken and why this strategy was most applicable in your marketplace.

What were the results of the project? Be sure to detail the return on your investment and how this project allowed you to successfully meet your goals.

Please include two cost components:

1. Direct Cost
State the total amount spent on the project. This dollar amount should include all items your firm paid for out-of-pocket while completing the project. 
2. Indirect Cost
List all indirect costs used in the completion of this project. These are firm resources you have at your disposal without having to make additional expenditures. Examples of indirect costs include mailing list databases, consultants on retainer, internal technical support, etc.


The submission will require a vector format (.eps) copy of your firm logo.

Electronic Poster

An electronic poster must be submitted for judges’ review and is required to enter. Any entry that does not contain the electronic file of the poster is not eligible to win an AAM-MAA. This is the only part of the AAM-MAA entry that will be made available to conference attendees and AAM members. Digital copies of every entry will be made available following the conclusion of the conference on the AAM website.

The electronic poster must be designed based on the criteria below and submitted online. We require both a PDF (for print) and JPG (for web). The entry will be printed and displayed at the Summit. All files must be 300 DPI to ensure high quality prints.

AAM-MAA Poster Display Checklist

  1. Poster size is 11” wide by 8.5” high. 
  2. Submit a PDF and JPG version poster under 5 MB each.
  3. Background must be white. 
  4. In the top left corner, list the entry category, subcategory and your firm name.
  5. Add the visual component of your entry. 
  6. Point out key features about your entry. What sets it apart from the others?
  7. Keep the board simple and clean! Do not clutter your design. Your poster will be featured at the AAM Summit, on the AAM website, social media and in an AAM Summit attendees’ eBook.